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Individual & Couples Psychotherapy  |  Rooted in mindfulness, self-inquiry, & relational process 


Relational Process

Relationships are powerful vehicles for growth. They highlight where your strengths and edges are and provide here-and-now opportunities to learn and grow.   


From our collaborative, relational platform, you will be supported to develop an integrated, empowered relationship with yourself - one that can be transferred into all areas of your life. 




As the past is often unconsciously informing the present, out-dated belief systems and memorized behavioral patterns can block you from experiencing the love, connection, and meaning you truly desire. 

To reclaim your energy and consciously direct it towards the relationships, projects, and experiences that serve you - you will be guided through processes that support you to question the stressful stories that keep you constricted and small.



As the body holds your emotional and sensational experience, a huge aspect of our work is focused on strengthening your embodied sense of self. 


Through noticing and contemplating what is happening within you, your "Observer Self" becomes more accessible and your emotions have more space to be felt and moved through.


Mindfulness practice can be utilized inside and outside of session to instill a greater confidence in your resilience to navigate the ebbs and flows of life. 



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"What's in the way, is the way." - Mary O'Malley

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