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The Rising Tide

What is The Rising Tide?

The Rising Tide is sisterhood + intentional space

for healing and personal transformation.

A place where the modern day woman can come to 'get real,' cultivate authentic relationships, and work with her life in an empowered, self-honoring way.


Every Rising Tide experience revolves around inspired themes, heart-centered listening, and experiential activities - because we believe that practice is key in creating a life you love.  

Something magical happens when an intention for growth is combined with the support of a loving tribe. Being seen, accepted, and encouraged to take risks is an invaluable gift and catalyst for rapid transformation.

Whether you participate in the 6 month container, drop-in for

an online-program, or immerse yourself in a weeklong workshop; 

The Rising Tide group energy serves as your holding space - showing up to support and empower you during our calls and gatherings,

while holding a loving accountability during the necessary time spent in the laboratory of your daily life.

Our mission is to provide you with opportunities that provoke your entire being so deeply that you have no choice but to see, own, and activate your inherent brilliance. All in the midst of deep, soulful connections with an inspiring group of women.

As you show up in a lighter, clearer way, you will nourish your projects, relationships, and creative offerings so that you can live and serve from the overflow.

--- We offer in-person experiences, virtual gatherings, and destination retreats. And are currently taking a 2020 pause. ----

Co-founders & facilitators

Caroline Corcoran, MA, AMFT 

Caroline has spent the previous decade curating group experiences and inspired curriculum that revolve around mindfulness, vulnerability, and heart-centered listening. She currently supports individuals and couples with psychotherapy services and provides life-coaching containers for women. Caroline sees empowered feminine community and the cultivation of self-reflective practices as crucial healing sources for the planet and is honored to be holding space for women as they go deep and rise strong.

Maura has over a decade of experience supporting women in living courageous, heart-centered lives. She is a life coach, chiropractor, and

cranio-sacral therapist with a Master's in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health and Healing. As a working mother of four boys, she understands the demands modern life makes on women. Nothing is more inspiring to Maura than supporting a woman to live beyond the limiting stories of compromise and sacrifice into a space of creativity, expansion, and growth.


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