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THE RISING TIDE | six-month experience


Bring in the new year with


of sisterhood & intentional space

for personal growth and transformation

Monthly Retreat

+ Ocean Plunge

​The Monthly Retreat is held on the first Sunday of every month from 10am to 4pm.

What you can expect:





  • Inspired monthly themes

  • Meditation and Rituals

  • Experiential learning activities

  • Introduction to and integration of psycho-spiritual concepts

  • Movement/Dance

  • Sharing & Reflecting

  • Pacific Ocean Plunge

These in-person gatherings set the tone for the month ahead. Full attendance is required.


with Caroline & Maura

​​Between our monthly retreats you will be supported with a 1-on-1 coaching call from Maura or Caroline.

This is a time to:



  • Hone in on areas of stuckness 

  • Question limiting beliefs 

  • Bear loving witness to what isn't working

  • Receive support to unleash bound up energies 

  • Refocus, Forgive, & Begin again

While the format and flow of each call is unique, the intention remains the same:

to love up on you & foster your growth.

Sister Pair Check-ins &

Group Calls

Each month you will be partnered with a different Sister.


Together you will:




​Each month there is also a Group Call:

2 hr-long conference call.


  • Find an hour during the month to meet in person or by phone/skype

  • 'Work a process' together during your call, related to the theme of the month.

  • Check-in with each other through text, call, email, or in-person.

You can join for part or all of the call.

The invitation is to hold a sacred listening space for one another.

Dates & Details:

Monthly Retreats:
First Sunday of the month, January - June

Time & Location

10am - 4pm @ Venice, CA

Group Calls:
Third Saturday of the month

Time & Location

9am - 11am, Phonecall


$525/month ($3,150 total) or $3,000 paid in full
$300 non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot


​Space is limited to 10 badass women.

Expected attendance for all Monthly Retreats. This is a closed group. ***



Any woman yearning for authentic sisterhood and in search of tenderness as she embarks on the courageous journey inward.


Any woman willing to play, to dance, and experience her edges and soft spots as she unfolds into the most expansive version of herself.


For the woman who is committed to doing all of this and more

in the most aligned, self-nurturing, and sustainable way.


​Step 1. Fill out the application here

Step 2. I will provide you with a link to set up an intake call.

Step 3. ​If it's a fit, reserve your spot by sending your $300 non-refundable deposit via VENMO to @Maura-Moynihan.


"Where to begin! To be surrounded by truly amazing women and feel unconditional love even at my most vulnerable moments. And because of this safety and love in my vulnerability I have been able to discover and see myself in entirely new ways.  And the sharing from my sisters and talks with both Caroline and Maura have turned my deep-seeded behaviors and beliefs on their head. I have routinely had my mind and heart blown wide open!"  - Michelle, K.

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