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The Compost

How to use your sh*t to nurture your life

| Registration opens October 20th, 2019 |


for conscious living course

The Compost for Conscious Living

The Compost for Conscious Living

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A six-week course for the curious human 

seeking a grounded approach to spiritual & psychological growth.





in personal growth & development

What if the bad stuff is the good stuff?

If you're like me. 

You INHALE psychological, spiritual content.

Brené Brown is your friend & you meditate with Eckhart Tolle in the morning.

Life is good...

Yet, that one family member still bothers the bejeezees out of you.


And social media - 

You know people really can't be that happy and put together, yet ya still can't stop feeling immensely anxious about your own life trajectory after your evening two-hour instabinge. 

Sounding familiar?

You're taking in the golden, psycho-spiritual sunshine -

but why won't it translate into your everyday life?

The good news.

All of your discomfort & negative reactions. And I mean ALL OF THEM! 

Can be welcomed and used for your personal evolution.

Yup. Because all we're here doing is learning & growing. Therefore, your sh*t = your fertilizer. And we want to collect yours so it can start working FOR you ------ instead of weighing you down or building up in a psychic landfill somewhere.

With this 6-week offering, you'll get set up with the guideposts needed to create your own internal composting system. It's time to clean up the inner world and start integrating every single thing that flows through your experience for the nutrient rich fertilizer that it was always meant to be.   

Sound like a deal?

 Check out my video below or flip through the slides to get oriented to 

The COMPOST process.


Then get yourself signed up for the 6-week course.

Registration opens October 14th, 2019.


I cannot wait to support your shift from wilted flower to empowered being of radiance and light. 

Make your inner environment a sustainable & eco-friendly place to live life from

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